In response to the current worldwide coronavirus pandemic, safety comes first and looking after each other.  We are adhering to the Australian Government and   

The Australian Chief Medical Officer advice that indoor events of more than 100 people are not to take place.  Even though we’re not exhibiting until August we have put a strategy into place by postponing the exhibition.  Please keep up-to-date by signing up for our newsletter.  


All About You

Why Attend All About Fertility Expo?


All About Fertility Expo is all about you! This one day event will be packed with information from leading fertility experts in their areas, from naturopaths to fertility specials to acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists to surrogacy law and much more. We’re committed to giving you up-to-date information and education to help and guide you to achieve your dreams of becoming first-time parents or wanting to extend your family.

What we love about this exhibition is everyone is under one roof, it means less time on Google and clicking through lots of Instagram accounts and Facebook groups trying to find the information you need. We also love that all the vendors are there to support you on your journey, the saying,’it takes a village to raise a child’ we’ve taken that statement and brought the village to help your journey while trying to conceive.

If your interest is researching IVF clinics, you’re able to have one to one conversations with clinics and specialists without the need of a referral letter from a GP and eliminates paying consultation fees each time you want to see a different specialist. 

Finance is the big fat elephant in the room. Whether you’re trying naturally however also using acupuncture, Chinese herbs, a dietitian or other alternative therapies, or using IVF & alternative therapies the costs add up. With this in mind we have a financial advisor and a finance coach to advise and give you tools to help manage your finances to eliminate some stresses and achieve your family goals and dreams.

What's Included in the Ticket Price?


VIP Tickets

VIP Tickets  

  (Limited Tickets)

 Valued at $1,100 includes

  • 'The F Kit' Bag 
  • Layard 
  • 20 mins Private Consultation with No.1 Fertility  or  Surrogacy/Donor  Lawyer
  • 20 mins Private Consultation with Dietitian and Nutritionist or Financial Advisor
  • The F Journal (valued at $20) 
  • Gabriela Rosa's New Book 'Fertility Breakthrough' (valued at $42) 
  • Welcome Mocktails by SEEDLIP
  • Morning Tea & Lunch provided


General Admission Tickets

General Admission Tickets Include:  

Single Ticket       Double Tickets 

  • 'The F Kit' Bag
  • Welcome Mocktails by SEEDLIP
  • Morning Tea & Lunch Provided
  • Extra Goodies

Our Commitment

Refund Commitment to You

We know it's in advance and most likely you're trying to conceive, we're advocates of you sharing good news. So if you fall pregnant before the event we're happy to refund up to 2 weeks prior to the event.  Spreading baby dust to you all trying to conceive.